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Phantom Dust HD won’t run at 60 frames per second


This week we have heard about the review of the high-definition of Phantom Dust, one of the most beloved Japanese games in the entire catalog of the first Xbox console that will be reborn on Xbox One and PC.

The development team in charge of remastering revealed that the game can achieve a resolution of 4K, but wanted to clarify that the rate of frames per second will be maintained at 30FPS and not at 60FPS as with other remastered versions of the titles of the past.


This is, according to Adam Isgreen, creative director of Microsoft Studios, due to the technology with which the original title was conceived: “The entire engine was built around the game running at 30 FPS. Everything in the code and data is either frames @ 30, assumes 30, or hard-coded to expect 30 FPS. The frame rate averages 30 FPS now on a wide range of systems. The worst dips we’ve seen are to 26/27 in certain moments. This is massively improved from the original (for those that played it) which would drop into the teens constantly on destruction events.”

Occasionally, certain graphics technologies need to limit the frame rates per second to maintain stability in playable area, hence that since Microsoft have preferred to stabilize the frame rates per second around thirty rather than bet on a higher amount.

Those responsible for remastering have also taken advantage of their intervention in Neogaf to specify that the micropayments mentioned will not be intrusive or adversely affect the gameplay shown by the original game.

“You can still unlock everything normally, and the MP shop now always acts as if you’ve finished the campaign, so there’s a chance for any skill to be available (including ultra-rares) every time you visit the MP shop,” he commented. The game will feature 74 additional downloadable abilities that will come after the release and “will not be difficult to unlock” in a natural way.