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PewDiePie thinks racist and discriminatory content is no longer funny

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In an age where the so-called YouTubers are widely distributed and considered influential, it is sometimes necessary to give an account of their positions when they refer to some important issues.

Some of these YouTubers have gained popularity through their video game transmissions, which incidentally, have served to make gaming gain fame and become part of the culture in many societies and in many countries. One of the most famous gamers and YouTubers, PewDiePie, gave his point of view regarding the events of Charlottesville, United States.

As many are aware, a march organized by white supremacists and members of radical groups with Nazi-based ideologies in Charlottesville, Virginia, was held in recent days. There, radical groups clashed with other social groups who opposed to their ideology and the result was a violent episode that has gone around the world.

In this regard, the Swedish geek and YouTuber, PewDiePie – related to different controversies, such as declaring to have joined ISIS – addressed the problem and in his most recent video considered that the type of jokes that involve racism, discrimination and even content inspired by Nazism, was wrong and had lost all grace.

It should be remembered that PewDiePie was involved, in February of this year, in a scandal related to what today was criticized because one of his videos included anti-semitic content and references to Nazis, which caused sponsors and companies related to him, turned their backs on.

After the events in Charlottesville, PewDiePie wanted to detach himself of all type of groupings and radical movements since one of this one boasted like the main fan of his transmissions. In this regard, the gamer and YouTuber mentioned that any type of content that referred to racism, discrimination, and violence “was not even that funny anymore.”

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At the same time, he recalled the incident in February and said that he had only made jokes using that type of content without thinking that the consequences would be of such a degree as he says, “he did not know that radical groups of this type existed in the contemporary world.”

Recently PewDiePie was topped by Forbes as the world’s most influential gamer, a title he held for many years, moving to second place.