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Peter Nagy: PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio will be a problem for developers

The gaming scenario has recently been updated with the arrival of PlayStation 4 Pro, and will do ultimately next year with Xbox Scorpio. Meanwhile the players will have even more options to choose, what will stand to signify this change for developers?

Peter Nagy, CEO of Gamesfarm, software house author of Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, has recently expressed on the subject, expressing all his doubts concerning the two new gaming platforms. “The major problem for us as the developers is that there is going to be line-up of different but still same consoles with mandatory backwards compatibility. So it only adds more requirements we have to take care of instead of focusing on the development. Tuning the game to a single platform is well possible; but tuning the game to multiple performance wise different platforms is very annoying and requires additional costs without any real gameplay benefits beyond some visual improvements. I understand that incoming VR and 4K has different needs but the market may become a bit overpopulated with income of XBOX ONE S and Project Scorpio,” Peter Nagy said in a statement to GamingBolt.

Finally, Nagy has also expressed on the PlayStation 4 Pro by referring to its hardware so renovated, but still not optimal, in his mind. “I consider CPU and memory as primary drawbacks for PS4 – we already experienced certain performance issues during Vikings: Wolves of Midgard development… This did not improve a lot with PS4 Pro.”

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