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PES 2018 Release Date and first details revealed

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Konami has not made the official announcement of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, but the first details of the edition have been leaked by the product page of the game from the official page of It will release on September 12 in North America and September 14 in other regions.

PES 2017 appeared on the Xbox live market pages and we discover the price, the eventual release date, editions and some information about Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. Here is a listing to sum up all this.

PES 2018 will include new features, such as “strategic dribbling” that will bring “unrivalled gameplay to the next level.” The interface has been enhanced with new menus and images of real players. Lighting has been redone, along with modeling of players and animations for facial gestures.

It includes a new cooperative mode, and the transfer system has been improved. In addition, reservations will offer advantages for MyClub mode.

PES 2018 is expected to arrive at least on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, but could also release on Switch and consoles of the past generation.

Two bundles will be pre-ordered for PES 2018 and the prices of the latter have been unveiled only in Australian dollars. The first will contain PES 2018 with 2x Premium agents for myClub, UCL Agent for myClub and an exclusive agent for myClub. There will also be special content for myClub with 4x Start Up Agents, 1x Partner Club Agent and 10,000 GP x 10 weeks. The price is $99.95.

The second edition is the bundle of PES 2018 Barcelona Edition with all the bonus elements of the edition stated above but with in addition to, 1x FCB Special Agent, 1x FCB Legend Special Agent, 1,000 pieces myClub and even more exclusive items that will soon be announced. The price is $109.95.

The cover will show the stars of FC Barcelona, but could vary depending on the region. For now, nothing is officially confirmed and everything is to be taken with a pinch of salt.