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Brilliant Facts About Period Underwear Every Woman Needs To Know

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Women worldwide grew up believing that they only have two options to prevent period leaks – pads or tampons. But most of the time, pads are bulky while tampons can be inconvenient to wear. Fortunately, there are more options to protect women from embarrassing leakage. One of which is the period underwear. It could be the simplest and easiest period protection that you can use each month.


What Is a Period Underwear? 

Period underwear feels and looks like any ordinary underwear. But the only difference is the special layer that helps avoid blood from soaking through the clothes. It means you do not have to struggle with the awkward and bulky discomfort you normally feel when using menstrual pads. But like the pads, the period underwear can also absorb menstrual blood while helping you feel dry and comfortable.

Why Do You Need To Try Wearing Period Underwear?

Some women choose to wear period underwear as a backup while wearing a tampon or menstrual cup. But in general, period underwear can be used as a standalone solution for menstrual leaks since it can soak up blood worth three tampons full.

Period underwear is also ideal to use if you want to protect your bed sheets at night, especially if you have a heavy period. This type of special undergarment is designed with multiple layers that can protect you against messy leaks. It can allow you to have an added peace of mind knowing that no matter how heavy your period is, you do not have to worry about staining your clothes anytime.

Perks Of Using Period Underwear 

Aside from preventing leaks, there are other benefits of using period underwear that you may never get from the usual pads or tampons. These includes:

Convenience During Irregular Cycles 

If you are dealing with irregular menstrual cycles, wearing period underwear could be beneficial during the days before your period. It will help protect you from leaks during the unexpected start of the period, especially if you have no access to a bathroom. It is also ideal for wearing it during your cycle’s last days to prevent leaks during the days when you think that your period ended.

Saves Money

While period underwears is more expensive than a pack of pads or a box of tampons, the amount you will invest in could last longer than the other options. A durable and sturdy pair of these special pairs of underwear can last for approximately two to three years if maintained properly. You only need to rinse them immediately after use and wash them in cold water for thorough cleaning.

More Sustainable Choice 

Everyone knows that disposable pads, liners, and tampons can end up in landfills after each use. On average, you will consume more than 9,000 pieces of period products during your lifetime. If you want to cut down on your waste and aspire to do your share in saving the environment, you should consider wearing period underwear.

Wearing period underwears could be your best option if you want to get the most out of your money each time you have your period. It will also help you feel more confident and comfortable while keeping you dry and clean and avoid irritating your private parts. So start looking for a good and sturdy pair of underwears for your next menstrual cycle.