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Penello Thinks There Is No Shortage of Content on Xbox One

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After the release of Xbox One X to the market a few days ago, many players have pointed out on the lack of games and continue to question Microsoft for what they consider to be a shortage of games on their family consoles of Xbox One.

This situation has accompanied Microsoft during the life cycle of their current console and although they hope that the situation improves with the new version of the console, they think that in reality, the offer of titles for users is very good.

In an interview conducted by GamesIndustry, Albert Penello, marketing director of Xbox, spoke about the content offered on the Xbox One family consoles and assured that there is no shortage of games.

In that sense, he stated the following: “We’ve got Forza Motorsport 7 that came out, we’ve got a bunch of great family titles, and this is that point in the life cycle where you do get more casual gamers – so titles like Lucky’s Tale and the Disneyland titles that are coming out. At $279 and the deals you’re going to see on Xbox One S on Black Friday, those types of games are super important to the new audiences that you’re trying to go to. And then, of course, we’ve got like 160 Xbox One X enhanced titles, so for people who are buying Xbox One X, they’re going to get free upgrades and it’s going to make them want to go back and experience all the stuff that they’ve already played again, with new visuals.”

On the other hand, Penello said that on Xbox there is a positive climate and they feel good about the titles offered that they have at the moment and that, far from a lack of games, there is a shortage of time to play everything they offer: ” I think we’ve got a great lineup. I feel really good about the games. I think developer support has been outstanding. We’ve got titles for families, we’ve got Game Pass, we’ve got backwards compatibility – there is more stuff to play than time to play it on Xbox. I don’t think that’s a stretch.”