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PDF Bear: How to Compress Your PDF Files

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If you want to handle your PDF files efficiently, you should start using PDF Bear. If your concern is the size of your file, using PDF Bear compression tool to reduce your file’s size. Without compromising the file quality, you’ll be able to compress your PDFs in a few clicks. With that, here’s a guide on how to compress your PDF files with the help of PDF Bear.


Compressing Your PDF Files

Whatever your reason for compressing your PDFs, PDF Bear is ready to help you anytime. Among the setbacks, when compressing a PDF and reducing its size, the quality might get compromised. With that said, it isn’t a big deal and standard for many individuals. Luckily for the users, they can use PDF Bear in compressing their PDF files while maintaining their quality.

For this platform, it’s an easy job to reduce your file size without comprising its quality, and you can use the tool with zero cost. Compared to other online PDF tools, only PDF Bear can provide this type of service for free. This platform should be anyone’s choice because aside from its user-friendly interface, compressing a PDF file is secure, and users can still use its different tools to handle their PDFs. Here are the necessary steps on how to compress PDF

  1. Hit the “Choose Files” button and select your PDF that you need to compress. On the other hand, you can drag the file.
  2. Select the best option.
  3. The compression tool will begin the process.
  4. After the process is complete, your compressed PDF is now ready to download and share.
You Can using PDF Bear in Any Platforms

Aside from its compression tool, PDF Bear can also offer services like merging, converting, rotating, unlocking, protecting, repairing, and splitting your PDF files. With those mentioned features, your life is more accessible in managing your PDF files. With that said, this web-based software can be accessed in any operating system like Mac, Linux, and Windows. Users can also use it through their tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

This Platform is Secure and Safe to Use

All of the tools of PDF Bear are free to use. You can use all of them, and its system will not risk your file’s privacy. Moreover, after you download or upload files, the system of PDF Bear will automatically remove all your data after 60 minutes. There will be no trace of copies, and users have enough moments to access their files from the server. It’s essential because you need to keep some of your files confidential and private.

Send Your PDF Through Email

If you’re having trouble that the size of your data is too big, you can use the compression tool anytime. Using PDF Bear’s can compress any file without downgrading its quality, and it features a handy technology for that process. Users can share their files via email, and it’s a lot easier.


PDF can offer multiple tools like converting, compressing, or splitting your PDF files. Those tools can also process your files in seconds. Aside from that, you can use it for free, and PDF Bear is the safest PDF software on the internet.

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