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PAYDAY 2 receives John Wick Weapon Pack DLC

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In 2014, Payday 2 received John Wick as a playable character, who appears in the eponymous film and is played by Keanu Reeves. This year, with the release of John Wick: Chapter 2, the title of Overkill Software will have a similar deal, as the DLC will get inspired by the new film.


The title of Overkill Software, known, boasts an amazing amount of downloadable content for a fee. One thing that we did not expect is the introduction of John Wick Weapon Pack, yes we are talking about John Wick.

So, Overkill Software announced that Payday 2 will receive, from 20 October, John Wick Weapon Pack downloadable content that will add a throwable weapon, 4 masks and various cosmetic items.

The price of this DLC is $4.99 USD and Overkill reports that it will first be available on Steam, without so far there is no information on the console version. You can learn more about this content in the below trailer. In the trailer there is the virtual version of Keanu Reeves who, predictably, reduces enemies to cannon fodder.

What do you think about it? will you acquire the DLC of John Wick 2?

In another news, Overkill Software on Friday launched an in-game event called Housewarming Party, to the players of Payday 2 through the next few days bringing a variety of free bonuses. For the duration of this event the basic game was available for free, but if you wanted to buy the title you will be able to grab with 70% discount.

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