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PayDay 2 Gage Ninja Pack DLC download available today

PayDay 2 Gage Ninja Pack DLC is now available for download. It is a kind of big release for the game. The patch is going to bring many things. The game was launched almost two years ago and still it is very popular. It is a kind of competitive game for players where you can play with your friends and compete with other teams. The new pack brings up weapons based on Ninja theme. You can find the list below. Also there is a video released that you can watch below. This video does not give much detail on same but a glimpse of new weapons introduced in the game.

PayDay 2 Gage Ninja Pack DLC Poster

Below is the full list of weapons that will be added by the DLC. This info is also provided on the official site. You can see there are ample of new weapons with extra mods. These are all Ninja weapons. Like the sharp Shuriken throwing star. It is a poisoned weapon that can be thrown from a short distance if you have a clear range. There might be more new things coming up soon after this. There is a Day Three coming soon banner at the bottom of the official site. This simply means there would be more new DLC or updates coming in future.

PayDay 2 Gage Ninja Pack DLC Weapon pack is given below:

Pistol Crossbow

Mods –



Kross Vertex

Mods –


  1. Poisoned Arrow
  2. Shuriken Throwing Star
  3. Kunai Knife
  4. Talons
  5. Okinawan Style Sai
  6. Empty Palm Kata

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