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Payday 2 8GB Patch for Xbox One download now available

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Payday 2 came out in August 13, 2013. The game was highly acclaimed by the players due to its co-operative first-person shooter gameplay. The game also performed pretty well after the release. But after quite a long time we are hearing about a major patch for Xbox One. This new patch is around 8GB in size.

This new patch will bring a lot of fixes and improvements. There is nothing much said about what this patch is really going to bring. As per the size we though this patch would bring some new content in the game. But usually there are not many details about it. Mostly the patch targets game improvements and fixes. Overall the game developer does not speak much about the patch logs. So here we are actually waiting what it is going to bring. Because downloading 8GB patch is not going to happen instantly.

Payday 2 Pics
Payday 2 Pics

A few users have previously reported about issues with PlayStation patch that was around 4GB in size. But there is hardly any information on the same. Overkill software has also not mentioned much about what they are going to bring in the future. Payday 2 is a kind of cooperative first-person shooter game. The game is impressively designed and also has a competitive gameplay. It consists of different objectives like robbing a bank, stealing, etc. The game is having a combination of stealth based gameplay with fps lock also. However there are very less mods that can let players to get more new content.