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Path of Exile – Toxic Rain Build Trickster Shadow Build 3.9 Guide

Path of Exile – Toxic Rain Build Trickster Shadow Build

As you may know there are a lot of different builds in Path of Exile. If you have been looking for a PoE build that won’t affect your PoE Currency too much, then you should definitely check out the following Toxic Rain guide. The PoE build can be done with the Quill Rain bow if PoE Orbs and currency are an issue. Otherwise you can also use a rarer kind of bow if you have the money for it. 

Equipment for the PoE Build

So now we know what kind of bow we can use. You are going to be looking for stats on rare PoE items that are in the game. These include Chaos, and Projectile damage, plus the attack speed. You will also need to be looking into evasion, life, elemental resistance, and damage over time. One of the most important pieces you will need is the Enduring Eternal Mana Flask of Acceleration. It offers 11% increased attack speed, and 25% Duration reduction. There are some other great flasks too. These include the Divine Life Flask, Sliver Flask and Quicksilver Flask. There is also the Witchfire Brew, which boosts your evasion and increases damage over time. 

The gear in which you use depends on how much you are willing to spend. A modest gear set includes Lion Pelt, Legion Gloves, Titan Greaves, and the Citrine Amulet. You can also use rings such as the Coral Ring and the Two-Stone Ring. Finish with the Spike-Point Arrow Quiver and Inpulsa’s Broken Heart. If you are looking into jewels, then Chaos and Projectile damage can offer great stats. There is also Maximum Life and Attack Speed, as well as Damage Over Time that you should look into for their rare stats. 

PoE Uniques

Silverbough is a great unique weapon to use, especially if you are on a budget too. It offers +1 level of socket gems, and does the same for socketed bow gems. It also grants 10% additional attack speed to make it a very handy weapon. It offers more damage than if you opted for Quill Rain. Even so, the Quill Rain is probably better to use against bosses. 

Inpulsa’s Broken Heart offers you 50% increased damage, and 25% additional shock. You will also be immune to shock and it really helps out with clear speeds. If you want a cheaper alternative, then you can try Belly of the Beast. It also has increased maximum life and gives you elemental resistances. Starkonja’s Head meanwhile will increase your attack speed and critical chance. 

Enchantments and Gems

There are a few enchantments that you should keep in mind to builds in Path of Exile. Enchantment of Reflection allows you to clone yourself. Attack Speed will also be useful, and Toxic Rain Damage to be authentic to the Path of Exile build. 

As for gems, there are many to choose from. Using Toxic Rain, Vicious Projectiles, Void Manipulation, and Swift Affliction can be great for the Bow. The chest meanwhile can be aided by additional gems such as Withering Touch, Void Manipulation, Empower level 3 and Ballista Totem. 

For your Boots, check out Flame Dash, and Increased Duration. There is also Vaal Grace and Vaal Hast that can give you extra speed and evasion. With your Gloves, Summon Skitterbots can dish out continuous damage, and Blood Rage can increase the attack speed. There is also Malevolence to give out more damage over time. Finally, using Frenzy with Helmet can charge on hit, as well as charging on bosses. Combining Cast When Damage Taken and Steelskin can help you absorb damage using a shield. 

Now that you have an idea of what the PoE build is, you can prioritise your PoE currency accordingly. There are a lot of PoE items to get your head around, and different methods of levelling to research. You should have a game plan as to what gear you are going to use too, so you are ready to take the Toxic Rain build into the wide world of Path of Exile. 

Have you tried out this to builds in Path of Exile? Let us know in the comments section below!

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