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Parents begin to name their children after Pokémon now

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The popularity of Pokémon GO still continues, and although it appears to be decreasing, they never cease to surprise situations involved with the mobile application of Niantic and Nintendo. An example of this is that people have started to name their newborns with the names of these pocket monsters.

Ash and Pikachu

Maybe it’s time to forget the children who were used to called as Goku, Naruto, Zelda or in any similar matter, as for Babycenter, the website that tracks baby names, noticed a significant increase in the parents who began to name their newborns as if they were creatures of Pokémon.

Well so, Eevee is a very popular name for girls, and it increased more than 1377 points since last year, it is in the month of June and July where cases began to take hold. As for the boys, Onyx was the name that grew in popularity, along with Ash, star of the television series of Pokémon.

Undoubtedly, the fever of Pokémon continues to surprise, either positive, negative or at such a degree that we do not know how to react, as in this case. What’s your opinion about it?

In related information, we know the rewards that players receive when they reach the level 40 of Pokémon GO. Moreover, there is a bad news, since the release of Pokémon GO Plus was delayed, as the accessory will arrive until September.

Pokémon GO Plus is a Bluetooth device that connects to your phone, and offers various notifications about various things; for example, when you’re near a PokéStop or some Pokémon to cheat. Although Pokémon GO was not developed by Nintendo, the company more strongly involved in the distribution of this accessory. The price of Pokémon GO Plus will be $35 USD, but on sites like eBay they are trading at much higher prices.