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Paradise Trippies: An NFT slot game players should check out

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People love slot games since they’re easy to play and allow players to win amazing prizes with every spin they make. In any online casino, slot games are the most abundant options available. Since choosing one game can be tricky, some people refer to suggestions they find online. Among those is Paradise Trippies by Caleta Gaming. 

This game is usually found in crypto casinos aside from regular online casinos. Unlike regular slot games, this game allows players to receive prizes in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) since it’s played with Bitcoin (BTC). 

Given that several people are drawn to NFTs, people should check out Paradise Trippies which allows them to enjoy both NFTs and online casinos at the same time. With that, here is a better understanding of the game: 


About the game 

Paradise Trippies is a slot game by Caleta which is set on a beautiful tropical beach just around the Hawaiian coast. With this game, players can immediately picture themselves on a luxurious vacation, all thanks to the game elements such as beach bars and palm trees. 

The game also plays relaxing background music that blends well with the whooshing winds and the crashing waves. Unlike other games with a plain background setting, it has a moving background that even includes a sun that moves and sets from time to time. 

This game has 5 reels, 243 paylines, and an RTP of 96%. The game accepts a minimum bet of 0.025 mBTC and a maximum bet of 2.50 mBTC. Its symbol combinations can also give players the chance to win up to 10x their initial bet. 

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Paradise Trippies uses aesthetic and valuable NFTs as some of its symbols. Each of them has different values. Here are some of the low-paying symbols used in the game:

  • Trippy Drink
  • Smoking Goblin
  • Smoking Bunny
  • Trucker Werewolf
  • Trippy Frog

The game also uses rarer NFTs which hold a higher value in the game. Some of them are: 

  • Medusa: In the game, players will see the classic description of Medusa’s red eyes and snake hair as stated in mythology books
  • Pink Fairy: Players will also see a charming fairy with pink wings and antennas
  • Rainbow Winged Dragon: The highest paying symbol of the game is a fierce dragon with rainbow-coloured wings and tail

Special features 

Several other features make the game more interesting and allow players to win better prizes. Here are some of them: 

  • Wilds: The game’s wild symbol is the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYT) NFT. It is a multicoloured ape with a party hat.
  • Bonus: The game’s bonus symbol is a golden box that has a monkey’s face on it. Landing three of these will trigger the Legendary Box Bonus which gives off bigger prizes. 
  • Mega Trip Bonus: It is a mysterious glowing box that gives off prizes or a unique NFT. 

These are just some pieces of information that people will have to learn about Paradise Trippies. By having a better understanding of this game, players can enjoy playing with their BTCs even more as they keep their eyes on prizes like NFTs!