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Paper Mario: The Origami King – a metamorphosed debut


The evolution of the Paper Mario series over the years is quite strange. It began with the JRPG, the conventional Japanese role-playing game for Nintendo 64, but upgraded itself to a GameCube sequel named, Paper Mario: The thousand-year door. Slowly it metamorphosed into a card and sticker adventure in the name, Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Paper Mario: Color Splash. Presently it is making a new debut as Paper Mario:

The Origami King for the Nintendo Switch. This version is also an adventure-based fun quest game that is light-hearted, where Mario rescues many friends on the way. The first installation of Mario on Nintendo 64 happened in 2000 and now after a long span, the latest version has new and advanced skills for Mario that give the player an ability to view new locations too.

The story of Mario’s Origami adventure revolves around Mario and his acolyte Luigi’s invitation to the Origami festival by Princess Peach.

The action of the game begins when Mario and Luigi reach the festival and find that Peach appears very different. Rather than being a simple paper cut out, she seems like a folded origami figure who speaks in an artificial tone. They understand that this is the work of Prince Olly who was slowly turning all the paper citizens into origami soldiers because he wanted to proclaim origami supremacy in the world. Even Peach’s castle was stolen and wrapped by colorful streamers which left everyone to gaze. But Olly’s sister Olivia turns up and discloses her brother’s misdeeds and urges to save the kingdom

The stereotypical rescue formula for a Paper Mario game begins from here.

Mario goes on defeating and destroying small threats before he can get hold of the biggest threat. He collects many colorful streamers that are there in the castle. He combats with the unique Olly army. This game is a very usual Mario RPG adventure game.

  The world of Mario the origami king is a land of craft and craft supplies where everyone is made out of paper. Even the buildings and houses are made of folded cardboard. Water and grass are made of the colored paper cutout. The aesthetic here has a unique cuteness when compared to other Nintendo games like Kirby’s Epic Yarn or Yoshi’s Crafted World.

While touring the paperwork world you can hit and hammer at objects, solve puzzles, and hidden treasures. Even by hitting trees and shaking rocks, you can earn coins and at times you can get a new path also. You can be attacked by Olly’s folded soldiers, whom you can attack in return as well. The game has some Disney-like theme parks with deserts and vast oceans.

The status that Mario has since it got a fanbase has been maintained in this version too.

Mario has been accorded the position of a celebrity throughout the game with his charismatic jumps and ability to fight with enemies. Even Luigi and Peach are also given the same nostalgic welcome in this new version. Paper Mario can be completed within a few hours but acquiring everything that can be collected and unlocking the scenes take much time is in any Japanese role-playing game.

The game has a wonderful play and has a good sense of humor which enliven the spirit of the gamer.

It is silly at times. Even the pubs and jokes that are cracked make no sense most of the time but irrespective of what it is, those jokes and puns are delightful. The goofy atmosphere which prevails makes the game more fascinating. Thus, can be understood with the work of the bosses. They are official suppliers. The slapstick comedy like hammering everything to see what happens to it is the silliness that often appears and you will find such similar situations occurring frequently. There are certain disguises that unfold up with time. You can see a frog or butterfly of origami turning into an unusual toad. You will be amazed to see a confetti rain at times too. In a nutshell, it can be said that this world of Mario is not only amazing but attractive and fantastic too.

The game does not only have a thread of straight forward standard battles or fights. It mixes things in many unexpected ways so that a player feels fresh always. This is something that brings people back many times to this game. It has a lot of variety. In a world of hardcore warcraft games like this actually boosts up the spirit through comedy and fun. Moreover, this is also a very good example of how to refresh classic RPG elements with a clear and clever idea and simplification. The nostalgia about Paper Mario is all that draws attention though the game is much flat.



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