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Panic Button Suggests That More Nintendo Switch Ports Are Coming Soon

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The excellent results achieved with DOOM really hope to use Nintendo Switch to port other titles from the Panic Button team, starting right from Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus that is still being worked at the studio.

Interviewed by Gamasutra, the director of development of Panic Button, Adam Creighton, has made it clear that the team is already working on several other projects for Nintendo Switch, and probably also for other platforms.

In that sense, Creighton said the following: “You know that meme? With the dog? Drinking from a sprinkler? That’s me right now. And we might have some other titles for that platform, and maybe some other games for other platforms, in the works.

In terms of volume, I’m in this amazing place where as a studio we get to choose how we want to grow, and with whom, and with what projects. My biggest challenge lately is not which projects do we pick to retarget to other platforms, but managing the other parts of our portfolio, picking the different projects that are exciting to different people in the studio, and being responsible about what I want to work on, versus what is best for the studio.”

This is apparently a very positive moment for the studio, precisely because being specialized on porting and publishing titles on consoles, it is found to having to deal with a large number of interesting proposals and projects, so as to make selections also based on the particular inclinations of the various components of the studio.

In short, it seems that Panic Button has taken a liking and there are several other titles expected, probably conversions coming in the near future.

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