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Palmer Luckey cosplaying as Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V in Japan

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ince he is no longer part of Oculus VR, Palmer Luckey seems to be having much free time, judging by the photos published on the company. In recent days, Palmer traveled to Japan to participate in a festival dedicated to the world of virtual reality and he did it by … dressing as Quiet, the female character of Metal Gear Solid V.

Do you remember Palmer Luckey, the man of Oculus Rift, who also ended up on the cover of the Times and recently kicked out of Facebook probably because of funding the election campaign of Donald Trump?

Well, he seems to be recovering. He was first sighted in Japan dedicated to virtual reality festival. The funny guy who always said he was a big fan of video games, has also unveiled on the spot another of his passions: cosplay.

To make people smile, in this case, it is the subject chosen by him and his partner for their costumes: Quiet. Yes, the female protagonist of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Palmer Luckey and his cosplay company have decided to wear the Quiet costume. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Don’t you believe us? Find some photos at the bottom of the news, along with a Tweet by the same Luckey where he admits hiding for years, his passion for cosplay and much more.