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Paladins, a free-to-play online shooter, download available in 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

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Paladins is a free-to-play online shooter game. This game is going to release next year on different platforms. Through the official site you can sign up for the beta edition and select the character you want to be in the game. This free to play game offers you an amazing shooting environment and around 6 different characters to choose from. All of them are having their own unique ability to play and compete in the game. The game is free to play due to which you can have competitive match with players around the globe. The game is just announced and has a long time to come. But as per its feature the game looks really impressive. The game offers a strategy based shooting game. It is a team based game where you will be playing with others. Also it has internal upgrade options through which you can boost your ability and get a different section of collectible cards.

Paladins Game Pics
Paladins Game Pics

So that this can be used later on to get more upgrade or access to different weapons, areas, etc. The game is based on a gameplay where the team will have to capture control points. And hold it for the maximum time. The game is also having a separate section where you earn more when you have to destroy enemy’s base. It begins with players having their primary weapon only. Later on once they are done destroying others then they might get chance to select set of combats and moving abilities. The more you win the more stronger you will be in the game.