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Pakistani Politician Trolled for Praising Pilot for a “Narrow Escape” in GTA V

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The development in the visual section of some video games, especially those that point towards realism has been surprising but for those who are not familiar with this form of entertainment can pass for a real life event. Such is the case of a politician from Pakistan, who confused a scene of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) with something that happened in real life.

A report by Vice revealed the mistake made by Khurram Nawaz Gandapur, secretary general of the People’s Movement of Pakistan, who posted on his Twitter account (now deleted) a video showing the maneuver of a plane in search of avoiding a crash with an oil tanker. The situation was that this is not about something real, but a sequence that took place in GTA V, which was taken to create a piece of fake news that ran on social networks.

Not realizing that it was a video game, the Pakistani politician highlighted the work of the pilot of that plane to avoid a tragedy, however, the jokes did not take long to appear and the general secretary of the political party erased his publication.

In this way, at least it can be said that the goal of achieving a level of realism in the graphics section has been achieved in some games, at least for the eye of certain people who do not know the products of the industry that is something real.

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Here we show you the original sequence that was captured by TheUiGamer: