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Pachter: PlayStation Classic Could Sell 3 Million Units in its Debut

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The retro trend continues to grow and this December PlayStation fans will receive the proposal from Sony Interactive Entertainment for the mini console sector. The PlayStation Classic is a reality and its launch in the holiday season is already a reason for analysis and forecasts. In that sense, Michael Pachter revealed his expectation for the Sony mini console and the reception it will have in the market.

In an interview with GamingBolt, Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, spoke about the launch of PlayStation Classic and gave his sales forecast for the upcoming holiday season.

In this regard, the analyst considered that initially, the Sony mini console will receive the same support from the public that the retro consoles from Ninte has had, so overcoming the million units sold should not be a problem: “There has been a lot of support for the Nintendo classic hardware, so I presume Sony will see similar success. They should be able to sell “millions” (1 – 2 million) without any problem, if they choose to make that many.”

Subsequently, Pachter considered that both the price, $99.99 USD, as well as the titles that have been confirmed and those that remain to be confirmed from PlayStation Classic, will be sufficient reason for players to decide to acquire it this holiday season: “It’s priced right, and the game lineup is pretty good for that price. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell 2 – 3 million this holiday and a similar number per year so long as they choose to keep manufacturing.”

The PlayStation Classic will release this December 3, 2018.