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Pachter: GTA 6 Could Release In 2022

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After many years with frequent titles and the resounding success of Grand Theft Auto V, many players are questioning about the next installment of the franchise and some hope that players do not have to wait long for that to happen. However, there is nothing on the horizon from Rockstar and Michael Pachter recently revealed his launch forecast for the new title of the GTA series.

Michael Pachter, the controversial analyst at Wedbush Securities, spoke with GamingBolt about the upcoming installment of GTA, which could be considered a hypothetical Grand Theft Auto VI, and its likely release date.

In that sense, the forecast of Pachter is not optimistic for those who expect a new title to arrive soon: “I’ll take over/under in 2022. I say it comes out after 2022. Remember, Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out eight years after the first one- so the idea that GTA 6 comes out before 2021 seems ridiculous. And Rockstar, the only announcements they’ve ever made more than a year before launch was because the launch itself was delayed. So best case, GTA 6 gets announced in 2020 for a 2021 release.”

There is no information yet on the next release of Grand Theft Auto 6, but with the imminent release of Red Dead Redemption 2 next year, it seems that Rockstar, and especially Take-Two, will consider a broad life cycle for the game taking into account its online component. After all, companies are happy with the success of Grand Theft Auto Online.

What do you think about this hypothetical release date for the next Grand Theft Auto? Will the next installment be numbered or will it offer a new thematic title under the line of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City or Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Let us know about your opinion in the comments below.