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Michael Pachter has Doubts about Google Stadia Project and Price

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After discussing next-gen consoles and strategies related to the launch of PlayStation 5, Xbox Scarlett and Nintendo Switch Pro, the famous analysis of Wedbush Securities, Michael Pachter, regains the media scene with new considerations on Google Stadia.

Highlighting those that, in his opinion, represent the vulnerabilities of the
Google Stadia project of the ambitious game streaming service that Google promises to inaugurate by the end of the year, Pachter explains that “it appears there is no business model,” said Pachter. “It is clear that games will be available to stream, but it isn’t clear whether the consumer will buy the game, pay for a subscription, or stream games on a ‘rental’ basis based on time.”

“I think the first option is the most likely and would drive the greatest interest among publishers, as it is like iTunes,” he added, referring to the model based on the purchase of individual games: “The other options are less likely to attract publisher support, but the lack of granularity suggests to me that Google is still thinking about its business model.”

Google’s insistence on making Stadia exclusively cloud-based is decidedly intriguing. While the benefits it presents in terms of accessibility and convenience are clear to all, the questions persist on the feasibility of this idea and on the availability of sufficient infrastructure for Stadia to be able to do what Google wants it to do.

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