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Michael Pachter Defends Prize Money, Calls Gambling Legislators “Morons”

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The award-winning issue, arising from the controversy of Star Wars: Battlefront II micro-transactions, is exploding and is producing significant political implications. Only yesterday we have talked about it in various news and probably we will continue to discuss it in the coming days.

So far, Michael Pachter, the well-known Wedbush analyst famous for his predictions and his positioning regarding the video game industry, had been out of the question, speaking in a discreet way.

Today, however, following the complaint from the state of Hawaii, he did not retaliate and defended the prize money, spending words of focus on the politicians who have put them under investigation. According to him, it makes no sense to compare them to gambling, and the various titles involved do not risk anything.

Responding at Twitter to Brian Crescente, a journalist at Glixel who was wondering whether the prize money issue was likely to extend to other games, he was severely excluded: “It can’t and the legislators are morons. “Gambling” requires a wager to win something of tangible value. If the thing won can’t be sold or monetized, it isn’t gambling. Period. Morons. Should resign immediately,” Pachter said to Crescente.

At that point, someone has pointed out that, according to his definition, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and other similar titles, such as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, would be gambling because the winning items can be resold. Pachter, obviously caught up in the spotlight, has confirmed that it could be possible but different from Star Wars: Battlefront II.