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Overwatch Switch Case Hints at a Possible Nintendo Switch Port

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Before the launch of Nintendo Switch, Overwatch was already one of the titles of the moment and during the months prior to the debut of the console, the question was inevitable, would the Blizzard game will arrive on Switch? At that time, the company gave a “no” answer, ensuring there were no plans for that. However, things could change and 2 years later the successful multiplayer shooter could debut on the hybrid console.

A few moments ago, the hype of Switch users and Overwatch players went to the top when a strange post appeared on Amazon showing a protective case for Switch with a design of the popular Blizzard multiplayer title. This publication was detected and posted by the Twitter personality, Wario64, who showed the images of the said product. Moments after the case with Overwatch design for Switch began to attract attention on the Internet, the Amazon publication disappeared, which has led to the idea that it was a leak or an error that has revealed the arrival of the game to the hybrid console.

Now, although there is no official information about it, it is worth mentioning that this case has the same design as the one that was launched to celebrate the arrival of Diablo III: Eternal Collection to Nintendo Switch, so only the colors were changed and design of Overwatch, something that has generated opinions that they consider an apparent joke, while others are certain that the game’s arrival to the hybrid console will soon be revealed.

Are you excited about the possible arrival of Overwatch to Nintendo Switch? Tell us in the comments below.

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