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Overwatch Surpasses 40 Million Players

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Today, Blizzard Entertainment released a new developer update to give more details about the content that will come to Overwatch with the anniversary event. Right there, it revealed that the game already has more than 40 million players.

Jeff Kaplan, the director of Overwatch, quickly pointed out that the shooter already has 40 million users. The last time the company talked about this matter was in October 2017, when they revealed that the title had 35 million players. That is, 5 million users have joined the game in the last 6 months.

Also, Kaplan gave more details of the Overwatch Anniversary event that will begin on May 22. He explained the following scenario that will reach Overwatch, called Petra, that was developed exclusively for the Free-For-All mode. The map will have a huge health supply in the center, an area that will become more dangerous as the game progresses. Likewise, it was designed with sections for near or far combat.

Blizzard will also kick off a competitive Free-For-All mini-season, where players will put their skills to the test. The maps selected for this activity will be Château and Petra.

As previously revealed, Anniversary of Overwatch will bring back the exclusive modes of past events. This time, Kaplan confirmed that players will enjoy activities like Junkenstein, Junkenstein Endless, Mei: Operation Snowball, Lúciobol, Insurrection, Insurrection with all the heroes, Revenge, Revenge with all the heroes and more. In addition, there will be a daily rotation with an event from the past seasons.

On the loot boxes, Kaplan said that this year will be very special, since they will guarantee an Anniversary object and one more of any of the past events. To give an example, users can get a new skin of Anniversary and another Halloween in the same box. Obviously, it will also be possible to unlock all the objects of past seasons with credits.

Remember that, in addition to all these contents, Blizzard will add 8 legendary and 3 epic skins. So far we only know Junkrat’s, but Kaplan showed that the rest will be for the studio’s favorite heroes, among them “a handsome gentleman” who will receive formal attire, so it could be for McCree, Soldier: 76 or Reinhardt. The game will also have emotes and other cosmetic objects.