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Overwatch Physical Version of Switch Includes Only A Download Code

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Overwatch is preparing to release on Nintendo Switch on October 15, and will do so with the game’s Legendary Edition. Blizzard, meanwhile, has already taken care of advancing the features included in this version of the game. The Legendary Edition of Overwatch for Nintendo Switch will be available in a physical version that includes only a download code; We can also get the digital version in the Nintendo eShop.

The recommended price is $39.99, and both the physical option and the digital purchase option include 15 additional aspects for various heroes to boost the players’ collection, as well as an individual three-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. We remind you that to enjoy the online functionalities of the game, you need to be subscribed to this Switch service.

In turn, players who pre-purchase the Overwatch Legendary Edition before October 15 will receive the Noire look of Talon Widowmaker. In addition, those users who log in to Overwatch before December 31, 2019 will receive an additional golden loot box as a gift, containing at least one legendary item.

The Overwatch Legendary Edition will be available on Switch accompanied by all the heroes, maps, modes and game updates that are currently available on all other platforms. We have detailed its characteristics below:

  • Play with 31 unique heroes: Choose from a diverse range of constantly expanding heroes from around the world. Sneak into the enemy’s rearguard with Tracer; heal your team from afar with the biotic rifle of the elite sniper specialist Ana; Or manipulate gravity with the brilliant astrophysicist Sigma, the last hero to join the battle.
  • Fight around the world with your friends: Capture the control points, push the loads and complete the objectives of 28 international scenarios from any corner of the world that has access to the internet thanks to the incomparable portability of Nintendo Switch.
  • Join a team and compete in 6 vs. 6 game modes: Face players of a similar level to yours in quick games, play against AI at different levels of difficulty or test your ability in competitive games to reach a range and get seasonal rewards.
  • Discover new ways to play: Explore the Arcade and game explorer to play with special rules. Unleash your creativity in the Workshop and use powerful scripting tools to create, share and play custom games made on any platform.
  • And what remains to come: The Overwatch Legendary Edition for Nintendo Switch will continue to renew itself with new content, such as limited-time season modes or updates to the game, among many other things.