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Overwatch: No Plans for Free-To-Play, Six New Heroes Coming

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The BlizzCon 2018 was definitely an important moment for fans of Overwatch: Blizzard announced the arrival of a new hero (Ashe) and released an unpublished short video dedicated to McCree.

The news, however, does not end here because Jeff Kaplan, in an interview published on Eurogamer, has made it clear how other contents are coming. At the time Blizzard has planned the introduction of six new characters (including the already mentioned Ashe) that will be revealed in the coming months.

And what about the transition for Free-To-Play? The Game Director admits that this move could help to grow the user base, but at the moment there are no plans. “Overwatch was designed not to be free-to-play but that should always be a consideration. For us, right now, we have a lot of free weekends and we have a tremendous response to those, they’re really successful. Right now that’s the state we’re in, and we haven’t given serious thought to putting Overwatch free-to-play at this time,” Kaplan explained.

Overwatch is a success and at present it does not need to be re-launched, so the team has never seriously considered the possibility of adopting the F2P business model, but in the future things could change, the current strategy foresees the sale of the packaged and as long as the numbers are good, they will proceed in this direction.

In related news, Blizzard is in talks with Sony and Microsoft for the crossplay of the game.