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Overwatch League: All The 312 Skins Will Be Available Today

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The Overwatch League will start today, January 10, as Blizzard Entertainment is already making all the necessary preparations, which is why Overwatch fans can now find new skins to support their favorite teams.

Thanks to a great update that debuted yesterday on January 9, Blizzard added 312 skins, that is, local jerseys of the 12 teams for the 26 heroes. These designs can be acquired through League Tokens, the in-game currency that can only be purchased with real money. Each outfit will cost 100 League Tokens ($4.99 USD).

You can see the cost of the League Tokens in the following list. Some prices for the console may vary by region.

1. 100 Tokens – $4.99 USD
2. 200 Tokens – $9.99 USD
3. 400 Tokens – $19.99 USD
4. 900 Tokens – $39.99 USD
5. 2600 chips = $99.99 USD

The good news is that players who log in to Overwatch before February 9 will receive 100 League Tokens, enough to unlock a team design. Unlike classic loot boxes, players can obtain these designs directly from the Overwatch League menu.

Season 1 of the Overwatch League will begin today on January 10. The competition will be held for 6 months, and fans will be able to see the matches on various platforms, such as Twitch,, and

It will also be possible to see the games in the Overwatch League application on iOS and Android, and in the tab available in the title menu.