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Overwatch has generated more than $500 million revenue on PC in 2016

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According to the research by Superdata, Overwatch has been the most successful PC game of 2016. The company has analyzed the market of premium games (for a fee, then) for computer, discovering how the title of Blizzard has grossed more than other giants like Minecraft and Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

According to a recently published report by the agency Superdata, which deals with market research in the game industry, Overwatch would be the most profitable title of 2016 on PC, including only those with an economic “classic” method, in direct sales. I am thus excluding free-to-play, that definitely would change the situation slightly.

Superdata speaks of revenue of 585.6 million dollars for the Hero Shooter of Blizzard, about 10% of the total market for PC games, totaled 5.4 billion dollars divided among Europe (2.7 billion) and North America (1.8 billion).

In second place in the ranking of the most profitable PC games of the year is Counter-Strike Global Offensive with 257.2 million dollars, followed by Guild Wars 2 (91 million), Minecraft (88.7 million) and Fallout 4 (74.9 million).

As one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2016, Overwatch takes stock of its first year of existence by the voice of the director Jeff Kaplan, who also mentioned some of the 2017 program.

The director confirms that Blizzard is working on new heroes, even if the studio is very strict in its validation process (clear, a lot of characters in the studio will end in the trash). Blizzard seems to be on the verge of designing a new character that is considered very promising, even if Kaplan does not advance to a launch window.

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