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Overwatch Is Giving Away 5 Free Loot Boxes for Christmas

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If you are a player of Overwatch, this interests you, since Blizzard Entertainment revealed that it will give away loot boxes during these Christmas holidays.

That’s right, from this moment, and until January 1, 2018, you will have the opportunity to receive 5 free loot boxes for Christmas. You only need to log in to the game to claim them. Do it before the aforementioned date, otherwise, all you’ll get is a piece of coal.

Because Winter Haven is being carried out now, the loot boxes will grant you Christmas elements, such as skins, sprays, voice lines, postures, player images and more. Each box contains a mix of up to 4 cosmetic objects or game credits, with at least 1 item of Christmas.

Overwatch loot boxes are usually obtained when the certain game progresses, but you can also pay for them. Five pieces usually cost $4.99.

One of the biggest controversies of 2017 was the loot boxes, microtransactions that some organizations consider as gambling. However, it seems that no one is upset to receive these items for free. And speaking of free stuff, Blizzard is also giving away 2 victory poses in the game.