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Overwatch forum reveals possible new clues on Sombra


Fans of Overwatch know that Blizzard Entertainment is planning something for some time and has to do with the new character named Sombra. This time, the team launched new clues, so users are put to work and try to unravel the mystery.

Overwatch Sombra Tease

In the Blizzard forums, there is a post written by fake user Skycoder, after a few seconds, the page gets distorted and leaves a encrypted message. The only phrase we can find with the naked eye is “she who has the information, has the power,” perhaps referring to the previous clues of Sombra.

Consequently, the users of reddit rushed to decode the text to find a ASCII skull, which looks very similar to the previous tracks Shadow. Accordingly, the 2 skulls form a new code, which they managed to bring at this link.

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Once the video on this page is downloaded, it seems to be the medical records of Ana, as we can see that in the description that says “You seem to be really interested in these “heroes”. Maybe it’ll interest you knowing some details I know about them?” Needless to say, the pulse on the video also reveals the track “Moment in Crime” referring to the universe of Overwatch.

Thus, the efforts of the fans managed to find a dummy page of this TV show in the universe of Overwatch, which mentions the “Protocol Sombra v1.3“. When sending a message to an email of [email protected], the players managed to get a new code.

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But nevertheless, fans continue deciphering clues to this mystery and we do now know exactly if Sombra will be the next playable character of Overwatch. We will have to wait to know the truth.

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