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Overwatch – How To Use Brigitte To Win Every Match

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Brigitte is the new healer in Overwatch and in this Overwatch, in this Overwatch Hero Guide On Best Moves And Abilities you will find how to play this new melee-focused hero to win fast. Brigitte is the support hero and we will tell you the best abilities and how to use the heroes attack styles to become a powerful opponent in Overwatch. The hero uses Flail weapon that gives you a long range when you are in attack mode. One of the best ability is healing the teammates around. So let’s begin with the guide.

Brigitte Hero Tips:

  1. Each time you use Rocket Flail attack you will be healing your friends in the range of 2 meters. And if you stop attacking the healing will also stop. So here Brigitte can attack as well offer some health to the allies around, it in this way it can play a very important role in a match.
  2. Whip Shot is a powerful attack of Brigitte, it is great for survival. As Brigitte, if you found any enemy approaching you or attacking your friends, just use this attack and it will shoot the enemy in the air and throw him away far. Practicing is needed in Whip Shot.
  3. Shield Bash attack is helpful when you are in a narrower area and facing enemies ahead. It is good enough to protect you, so dash forward and you can stun the enemy for a while. This is extremely helpful in creating space for your allies and for yourself.
  4. Repair Attack is the best thing you can get in Brigitte. This attack will heal your allies to full health and if they reach their maximum capacity they will also get an additional 75 armor which will fade after 5 seconds. The ability cool-down time is 6 seconds so you have to pick the right person.
  5. Rally will boost your movement speed and with that, it will also offer you 30 armor per second, buff for 10 seconds with the max of 150 armor. The armor will stay until it is destroyed by damage. The buff will also give your teammates armor within 10 seconds when they are near you and even if they are taking damage.
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Using Brigitte on the front lines is a good option, you can plan a good strategy and execute her abilities at the right time for a sure shot victory. Below you can get screenshots of Brigitte abilities and its description.

Brigitte Abilities Details & Screenshots:

1). ROCKET FLAIL: Attack multiple enemies with one swing, the Flair can extend to a decent range and perform a swipe attack on enemies in the front.

2). REPAIR ATTACK: Throw repair packs on your teammates around, heal them instantly when they are down in the game. If you heal any friend around over its maximum health he will also get armor.

3). WHIP SHOT: Throw the Flail to any enemy which is at a distance from you, it will know down the enemy and cause high damage.

4). BARRIER SHEILD: Deploy a huge energy barrier in front of you and keep moving. This will absorb a small amount of damage also.

5). SHIELD BASH: With the shield, you can also dash into an enemy who is in front of you and stun him for a while.

6). RALLY: Use this ability to run faster than all the friends around and provide them armor that will last until it is destroyed by damage.

Stay tuned for more guides on the game.

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