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Overlord: Fellowship of Evil – Minions Information and Gameplay Video

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Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is an Action RPG game. This game brings dark humor and action at one place. The game is filled with a lot of new content that makes it very impressive and unique. Overlord: Fellowship of Evil – Minions Information gameplay video is out that shows you a bit of information about its character. Other than this there is nothing much revealed showing only “coming soon list”. A proper date for the same is not yet finalized but soon the game will appear. The video shows up artwork characters of the game. It is a kind of good game that brings up a lot of unique things. Graphically also it looks very impressive. The gameplay video shows minions character that would be used for destruction and attacks.

Overlord Fellowship of Evil Screenshot
Overlord Fellowship of Evil Screenshot

In Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, players can attack and collect loots. They can use that later on to develop their character and make them more powerful. This game comes in single and multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode you can play the game online with 3 other friends or you can also play alone. As per the game details and video that we found it offer you ample of amazing fantasy tales. This makes the game a little more interesting. The game puts you in the shoes of evil, you target and destroy all those who are good and then simply make your own empire. The game looks pretty nice. But release date for the same is not yet confirmed. You can check out the video below to get more details about this game.