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Overkill’s The Walking Dead postponed to second half of 2018


During today, the developer Overkill and publisher Starbreeze have announced that Overkill’s The Walking Dead has been delayed. The title had already been postponed for the end of 2017, but now it will come in the second half of 2018.

The franchise of The Walking Dead has already seen on the shelves different gaming transpositions, some satisfactory, others much less so. A new product, however, is currently in development and it is the game of Overkill Software.


This video game version of the famous comic strip has set as its goal, to be a promising survival horror with a new story and new characters.

To date, The Walking Dead would have come out by the end of 2017, but now the developers have announced a delay in the works that will bring the release date to the second half of 2018.

According to allegations made by the CEO of Stabreeze, Bo Andersson Klint, the delay will be necessary in order for the game to achieve its full potential. The cooperative first person shooter was announced by Overkill – the developer of Pay Day 2 – in 2014, and will put players in the shoes of survivors in a post-apocalyptic scenario, populated by undead hungry walkers.

More information about the status of the development of theme title of The Walking Dead will be provided during a live conference that will be held by Starstream on May 10.