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Overkill’s The Walking Dead Is “A Game for Adults”

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The creators of Overkill’s The Walking Dead are treating their promising adventure of horror and survival as “an adult game” that will treat the zombie phenomenon from a mature perspective, very much in line with the comics of Robert Kirkman, although the studio also makes it clear that its video game that seeks to create its own vision of the universe of The Walking Dead.

“We’re treating the tone and story with a seriousness that I think few games demonstrate these day,” said one of the heads of the project. “The focus right now in the industry is making games where 100 characters drop onto an island or whatever, with graphics that don’t matter as long as they’re appealing to 12 year old,” continues Saul Gascon.

But in the case of Overkill’s The Walking Dead, the studio responsible for Payday claims to be “building a game for adults. It’s a mature experience and it’s set in a mature universe by someone who has a lot of love for his creations,” he adds in relation to the role of Robert Kirkman who, in this case, who is participating as an advisor in this cooperative action video game.

Overkill points out that The Walking Dead universe in comics deals with many topics in a profound way, and delves into the emotions of its protagonists in ways “that aren’t investigated much by the TV show, but we want to explore that in our game.”

On the other hand, they insist, they understand that when working with “a very well known IP, people have certain expectations, but we want them to know that this is our take on The Walking Dead, so you’re not going to be a useless survivor.”

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