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Outlast 2 could be banned in Australia

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Outlast 2, the survival horror developed by Red Barrels, could be banned in Australia, due to the implicit se*ual violence of the title.

The story begins with the Australian Classification Board, regulator of video games, films among other products in Australia, which refused to give a rating to Outlast 2. This took Red Barrels by surprise, because according to the studio they worked hard to develop the game to receive a rating of R18+ (Mature, in America).

In this situation, the regulatory system commented that Outlast 2 goes against the guidelines of the R18+ classification, as it has a sequence of first-person rape during a game scene. Keep in mind that below are some spoilers and there is some content that might be sensitive to some.

The event occurs between a group of gray-skinned humanoids who are involved in what appears to be “an org* in the form of ritual.” Faced with this situation, the main character, Blake, screams for them to stay away from his wife, who is chained on a platform. Then a female creature appears with bare bre*sts and pushes him on his back, while holding his arms and repeatedly thrusts her cr*tch against him; for his part, Blake asks to be released.

“The creature thrusts again, before placing its face over his midsection and then sitting up and wiping its mouth,” commented the ACB. “Although much of the contact between the creature and Blake is obscurred, by it taking place below screen, the se*ualised surroundings and aggressive behaviour of the creature suggest that it is an assault which is se*ual in nature. The Board is of the opinion that this, combined with Blake’s objections and distress, constitutes a depiction of implied se*ual violence.”

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Therefore, this “representation of se*ual violence implicit” can not be accommodated within the category R18+, and therefore, the game must be rejected.

The ACB report notes that, “without the depiction of implied se*ual violence listed above,” Outlast 2 could count on the R18+ rating. However, the body made clear that there are other details in the game that could lead to its veto.

For now, we have to wait to know the position of Red Barrels, to know if they will remove the content of the title for the version of Australia or if they prefer to remove Outlast 2 from their market.