Out-of-the-box online casino solutions are proving ever more popular

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Software developers start thinking out-of-the-box

For many years, most online casinos offered the same software, the same games, and virtually identical online gambling experiences as their rivals. There simply wasn’t enough unique software out there to create much variance between casino websites. That appears to be changing, though. Casino software developers are thinking outside of the box, and now with many different software providers offering a whole range of out-of-the-box solutions for casino operators, we are seeing a greater diversity of online casinos and gambling websites open up to players across the net.

Smaller scale casino software providers do not have the resources of the big guns, so they mainly develop online casino games and little besides. In the past, these developers would have had to develop a full-on suite of casino software designed to power online casinos to get their games out there. It is a price many of the smaller companies cannot simply afford to pay. How could they compete with the likes of Microgaming, for instance? They needed an out-of-the-box solution to get their games out there.

Then, take any of your leading software developers: Microgaming, Playtech, Net Entertainment, BetSoft Gaming, or another of your choosing. They will have found the competition from each other fierce, and they needed something to make them stand out against their rivals. They too needed an out-of-the-box solution.

That solution comes in the form of open platforms. Each of the leading developers has created open platforms, which not only house their games, but also those of smaller-scale developers. In this manner, the leading software providers can challenge their rivals with new and creative titles from smaller developers, who in turn get their games some much-needed publicity at the internet’s top casinos.

I’ve heard about white label software, what is it?

You’ve probably heard of white label software, but like most casino players, never given a second thought as to just what it is, exactly. White label software is, by definition, software which has been purchased by a reseller and branded as a new product, implying that the purchasing company has themselves developed it. This is exactly what the leading developer’s open gaming platforms, do. Smaller scale developers may have developed their games, but by launching them on open gaming platforms such as Microgaming’s Quickfire, many casino players mistakenly believe that they are playing a Microgaming developed slot. They are, in short, playing a slot they may otherwise have been skeptical about playing from an unlikely developer.

Made to measure turnkey solutions

Another out-of-the-box solution for operators is turnkey software. This is software which has been developed by a software company and is in turn used by a third-party (such as a casino operator) to support their websites. There aren’t too many casino operators who can afford to power their entire domain with proprietary software, and so they turn to software developers to create everything for them. In the past, software providers may have run their own casinos (such as Net Entertainment did the early 2000s), but this can be costly. Again, an out-of-the-box solution was needed. It is far more profitable for a developer to create turnkey solutions for other operators, and these made to measure software packages are now commonplace. Every operator needs to be able to handle their financial transactions. This means the wagering systems, the account funds, banking transactions, the works. Those turnkey solutions often include back-office software, which can do all of that for a casino operator, too.

Casinos are making the move to originality

Given the constant struggle to compete against rivals and become a successful casino in the UK, it is not surprising to see the bigger casino software providers thinking outside the box and coming up with new and original ways to power casinos. Nor is it surprising to see casino operators doing deals with multiple open gaming platforms, snapping up flexible turnkey solutions and white label software deals in order to outmaneuver the competition.