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Original Xbox Backward Compatibility games won’t have achievements on Xbox One

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At some point this year, Xbox One players will be able to enjoy not only Xbox 360 titles but also games of the Original Xbox. This was known, thanks to the well received program of backward compatibility, which currently has a catalog of more than 300 games. Before the launch of this new implementation, some questions arose from the users of Xbox. One of them related to the presence of the system of achievements in the titles of Original Xbox.

To end once and for all with the doubt, a Twitter user asked about the topic to Mike Ybarra, Vice President of Xbox. The question at hand was, “Will the backward compatible original Xbox games come with achievements, even though achievements were introduced on the 360?”. The response of the executive was negative and did not go deeper into the issue.

Despite the lack of this element, it is a fact that being able to play Original Xbox titles on Xbox One is the most important and the true goal of Microsoft. The addition of the achievement function would undoubtedly involve much more work, which could lead to the delay of this new backward compatibility catalog.

In related news, copyright may prevent certain Original Xbox titles from being backward compatible.

Did you expect the achievements for the games of Xbox Original? What title of the console would you like it to be in backwards compatibility? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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