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Origin Access lets users to play Unravel a few days early

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Yesterday, Electronic Arts unveiled Origin Access, a rental service for PC video games. And to promote the subscriptions, the platform shall offer some exclusive.

Unravel Game Screenshot
Unravel Game Screenshot

Electronic Arts wants to be among the first to settle on the rental market for PC video games. Taking the concept already launched on gaming consoles, Origin Access should also quickly be broken in the PC world and offer unlimited access to a catalog of titles for a monthly payment.

If for the moment, the catalog has not mentioned anything fresh nor more attractive, EA said the platform would also be the first served for other anticipated titles.

This will be the case with ‘Unravel’, which will be available on the platform at the 4th February 2016, five days before its official release. The subscribers of the Origin Access Service will have access ahead of its release date, but with an imposed limit of 10 hours of gameplay in total and only on the first two levels of the title.

Unravel will be available in advance in this way on PC, but also for Xbox One. As a reminder, the title offers an original and poetic concept: it is a platform game featuring a woolen doll that evolves on flirting location with photorealism.