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Organising a housewarming party? Here’s how to make it successful! 

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It’s a great feeling to finally have your own place. Whether alone, with a partner, renting or buying, the most important thing is that you feel at home. You probably received countless texts from friends, family or colleagues asking if they can come and visit your new humble abode. Here is the solution so you won’t have to separately invite every single one: throw a housewarming. You can invite everyone at once, so you don’t have to entertain everyone separately. While that might sound fun, after a lot of visits, the fun ends. That’s why you should start organising a housewarming! Want to know how you organise a housewarming party? We’ll explain it to you. 

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    Think about the timing

Although you’re probably super excited about the fact that you have a new house, it is not advisable to organise it immediately after moving. Take some time to settle in and make sure your house is as good as finished. Otherwise, you’re likely to get stressed out that some aunt is going to give her blunt opinion again about how many boxes are still in the corner. So, take all the time you need to decide where to hang that lamp or place the bookshelf. Maybe you will also put the sofa in like five other places. Who knows!

  1. No last minute invitations

Your beloved friends are probably really looking forward to seeing your new house.. But everyone gets to an age where weekends and evenings are filled with all sorts of things. So, let them know far in advance when your housewarming is coming up. Otherwise you might end up having to host everyone separately if half of them can’t make it.

  1. Make sure the toilet is ready

It may sound strange, but it’s perhaps the most important thing to have ready before your housewarming takes place. A toilet is a place where there’s a lot of traffic during a housewarming. Therefore make sure you have enough toilet rolls.

  1. Food and drinks

It is completely understandable that after the hectic weeks of moving, you don’t feel like putting hours of preparation into the housewarming. So just think of nice and simple snacks and drinks. After all, it’s all about having a good time and getting all the guests together to show your house.

  1. Keep it casual

You can keep a housewarming party casual in all sorts of ways. As stated above, simple food and drinks keep it casual. But also mention it in the invite. This way, guests will not show up in a suit while you’re standing there in your v-neck sweater (Dutch: v hals trui) or any other winter sweater (Dutch: winter trui heren). Keep it simple, keep it casual and don’t worry about it too much.

A housewarming party soon? Don’t feel the pressure! If you follow these tips, it will be alright.