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Online Gaming: Initial Introduction And How It Evolve.

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Game Online offers flexible gaming activities that allow users to play whatever games they want to play, whenever they want. Because online gaming doesn’t need any restricted tools or media, as long as you have a network connection (internet), voila! You can access whatever games that you want instantly. Online gaming basically stands from a video game virtually played by an individual or team through the internet. Even though the game itself is designed purely for enjoyment, game developers nowadays give some key components to attract gamers. These are rules, challenges, convenience interaction among the players, and the addicted part is the reward when completing some challenges. 

Game Online evolution is parallel with technology evolution. In fact, games have always been used to test them (computers and networks). Here we go with online gaming history and their development until now. 


1. 1940 – 1952: Discovery Era

The first discovery that became the basis of game development was NIM, which was introduced at The World Fair of 1939 – 1940. But basically, it is a mathematical game embedded on a computer. Later, NIM evolves into NIMROD, and the second computer game appears named OXO in 1952.

2. 1962: Turning Point and Arcade Game

This year, the first multiplayer game finally created, and become the turning point in gaming. And then, the game console also emerges with the release of “The Brown Box.” Not long after that, the arcade games era begin. During that time, Sega and Taito finally released their games and attracted a lot of game players across America.  Arcade games make society realize that playing a game alone isn’t nearly as fun as playing with others. So, the new concept had arisen: The internet. It caused the network effect that allows multiplayer games accessed by users around the world that rely upon three important technological innovations such as host-based Networks, Time-Sharing, and the Internet itself.

3. 1971 – 1977: Multiplayer game development

In 1972, there are approximately over fifteen game development companies growing up, and then in 1973 role-play game (RPG) category appears by the time “Dungeons and Dragon” games created. At those years, the first LAN (Local Area Network) is developing by Xerox and become the beginning of computer networking, which leads to easing the multiplayer game system. In the next two years, personal computer gaming is finally released, and joystick for gaming purposes is discovered.

4. 1978-1982: The Year of the Computer

At this point, the concept of time-sharing game development finally reached up to thirty-two simultaneous players at the same time. With that technology escalation, British Telecom decided to step in and contributed to open its network from 2 AM to 7 AM for gaming purposes, primarily due to the arisen of the virtual world. As gamers (game player) had grown so fast, the Time Magazine declared “The Year of the Computer” in 1982. Moreover, William von Meister releases modem-transfer technology that allows gamers to download more than one game. 

5. 1994-2020: History Of Online Gambling

Online Gambling began in 1994 passed by the government Antigua Barbuda. Many online bookie like Sbobet, Microgaming, Firstcayagan, Ibcbet still operate under this legislation. In first fifteen years since people moving from playing offline into online casino it has created over 2,200 millionaires. Sbobet has been founded in 2004, it’s an popular online sports betting site in Asia. In Indonesia there’s Sbobet agent called Macauindo, thousand of Indonesia bettor play in here. This company has officialy founded in 2009. This company also has licenses Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. These licenses make Sbobet can create so many games like Live Casino, E-sport, Soccer, Slot Games.

Online Gaming: Big Impact Of The Internet.

On January 1st, 1983, The internet officially created, and online gaming is escalated. That momentum is used by Bill Gates by providing the BASIC code, which encourages the programmers to construct and evolve their own games. The following year, the first game developed by BITNET, MAD, became accessible by a worldwide computer network. This year, improvement in a multiplayer game is getting real, marked by the emergence of SGI Dogfight, Xtrek, and Midi Maze.

1. The 90s: Proliferation Period

Online Game finally gets its attention across the globe, with CERN releasing WWW (World Wide Web) software to the public domain. Several big game developer company like Nintendo, Sega, and Atari push their limit to upgrade online gaming. Through the early to mid-90s, the most memorable moment is RPGs (role-playing games) that spread up like crazy. To be noted, Warcraft has become the biggest online gaming franchise in those years. By the time Windows ’95 is released, affordable Ethernet cards finally step into the market and make a significant breakthrough for online gaming.

2. The 2000s: Modern Gaming

As the internet was improving, the dot-com bubble was getting ready to bust. In the early 2000s, the trend is evolving around gaming console (built-in with internet capabilities), like the Sega Dreamcast and Sony Playstation 2. Followed by Xbox released, online multiplayer gaming begins to thrive. As smartphones popularized around the year 2007, online gaming became mainstream, and the term mobile gaming appears. The first augmented reality that goes viral is Pokemon Go, and not long after that, we see another evolution of gaming experience: Virtual Reality

The evolution of Game Online will always be an exciting insight to follow and give a good perspective for the future online gaming era. But now, we can conclude that online gaming holds at least 3 key elements: bandwidthnetwork latency, and throughput to reach their success.