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5 of the Best Online Game Development Courses

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If you are interested in game development, you probably know what a game development course can do for you. It can give you a structured guideline to become a professional game developer. With that said, not all Online Game Development Courses are equally good. 

In this post, we are going to discuss 5 of the best Online Game Development Courses. We hope you will find this post helpful. We encourage you do some more research and learn about different programs. 

Developers need analytical and quantitative skills. The best developers are those who have high levels of creativity and analytical skills. It is no surprise that some of the best game developers have attended the best GMAT prep courses online. There may be a correlation, but not all successful developers think attending such a course is necessary. Now, let’s learn about 5 of the best online game development courses. 


1. Unreal Engine C++ Developer Course on Udemy

This is a comprehensive course that will teach you everything you need to learn about this field, including C++, which is considered the standard language of gaming. The course starts with the fundamentals of gaming, and gradually moves on to gaming principles, audio, video and sound effects. This program puts a lot of emphasis on the educative value of games. See here for more.  The course tries to help students manifest this value. 

The course provides practical lessons, so during the course you will actually develop pieces and learn what is going on in the gaming industry. To create visually appealing landscapes, you will use Unreal Engine interface. Here you will also learn how to write easy-to-understand code. It offers 337 lectures, 11 downloadable resources and 9 articles.  

2. Game Design and Development on Coursera

Designing is one of the most vital parts of the process of developing a video game. The procedure of production has both theoretical and practical aspects. The program uses a highly advanced Unity 3D engine. The course helps you learn the art of turning your ideas into prototypes and tangible concepts. 

However, there are a few things to consider before you sign up for the course. This is not a primary level class. This intermediate level class requires you to understand the very basics of design. If you want to complete the material, you will have to attend all five parts of the program. After that, you can hope to work on advanced games such as Rage 2

You can easily follow the instruction because the pace is not too fast. You can know whether you are on track because you can get feedback from your instructors as well as professional developers. 

3. Computer Science for Game Development on edX

Here you will learn programming languages and other things required for professional developers. Before learning the ABC of programming, you will have to gain some basic knowledge. You will have a thorough understanding of classics as well as new ones. The course also covers 2D and 3D graphics, sound and animation. 

As an online training program, this is an amazing course. It will make you believe in the next-gen innovations in education. Read this article to learn about some innovations that are on the way. The course is an indicator that technology is going to change the way we develop skills. 

The program will also teach you algorithms, abstraction, encapsulation, data structures, software engineering, security and web development. The program covers languages such as Python, C, SQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. 

4. Game Design Courses & Classes Online on Digital Defynd

Thanks to the arrival of highly advanced tools and software, the technical aspect of this field is no longer a big issue. The key factor now is making stories. The ability to string a story is the deciding factor when it comes to the success of a video game. Video games are now taken seriously. Some experts even think that video game can improve life skills. If you feel that game designing is your field, you can be e highly benefited from this program. 

By using some simple elements, you will be able to make a strong foundation and run your code. The program encourages students to brainstorm ideas and balance different components. 

5. Unreal Engine Training Bootcamp on Digital Defynd

This is another program that can help you learn about the tools of game development and their uses. This is a comprehensive course that focuses on Unreal Engine. Before diving into other things, you will have to build a strong foundation of C++. Some experts think that a software developer is not reliable unless she knows C++. 

Today’s organizations are looking for reliable employees. Even if you want to work as a virtual assistant, you must be reliable. Find more about the qualities you need to become a virtual assistant. The program encourages students to build a realistic environment in which they can work on their Dream Gaming,. 


Becoming a full-fledged game developer is hard, but you can deal with that hardship if you feel that it is actually your calling. If you are really passionate, you will not mind a lot of effort on your part. We have discussed some of the best online game development courses, and we hope you will choose a good course.