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One Upon Light download available in October 2015 for PS4

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One Upon Light is a puzzle game that is all set to come in the month of October this year on PS4. The game offers simple puzzle based gameplay with exciting features. The game is a bit different here. It brings you a simple gameplay that is suitable for all ages. You have to control a character that has to walk in shadows and stay away from light. There are ample of brain twisting puzzles in it. The game is having amazing puzzles that mostly brings a black and white environment. You have to simply take care that you won’t land into to the light or else the chapter will fail. Below you can checkout a small video that tells shows you its gameplay.

One Upon Light Pics
One Upon Light Pics

One Upon Light is mostly a puzzle type game. Where you will be working with the unique property of light and shadow and avoiding obstacles. There are ample of things that will be used to overcome different obstacles. Like there will be various switches, carts, etc. The game also requires a strategy sometimes to move. If you are stuck at a place you can use certain objects also to overcome and create your path and avoid exposing yourself in light.


  • Cleverly designed puzzles using the unique properties of lights and shadows.
  • Stylistic, monochromatic cell-shaded 3D world inspired by the mid-century cartoons.
  • Intriguing back story that ties into game play, revealing bit by bit as the game progresses.
  • Immersive surroundings, portraying the unique mood and feel of the game.
  • Escape the light!