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One Piece: Grand Pirate Colosseum Demo available in Japan on July 27, New Trailer launched

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Bandai Namco has distributed a new trailer for One Piece: Pirate Great Colosseum, the upcoming video game for Nintendo 3DS based on the popular manga and anime. As of July 27, the Japanese players can download and try the demo of One Piece: Grand Pirate Colosseum, obviously due out on Nintendo eShop.

One Piece Grand Pirate Colosseum

This time the video shows a brief straight out of its gameplay sequences in which we see the villain of the new film in the series implementing some of their combos and special techniques.

In addition, the company has taken the opportunity to announce that on July 27 the demo of One Piece: Grand Pirate Colosseum will be launched in the Japanese eShop.

One Piece: Grand Pirate Colosseum is a game of two-dimensional fighting with combos and simple controls. It will have a mode where we can navigate the world and build a team with our favorite pirates, pushing up the price of our reward by defeating rivals.

Developed by Arc System Works, the title will include 23 playable characters and more than 80 fighters in support, plus a special mode that will allow us to sail around the world and to create a fearsome crew composed by our favorite pirates. There will obviously be the online component, thanks to which we can challenge many opponents in order to increase our reputation and aim for the top of the rankings.

The first copies of the game will include an early-release of characters like Edward Newgate, Marco and Jozu, plus an in-game object to be used in the “Create a Pirate Crew” mode and a code to download a special theme for the console.

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Its Japanese launch is scheduled for September 21.