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Old school c games you probably didn’t know

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Retro games are gaining popularity and also the school c games- again. Playing the games you used to play when you were younger brings back memories. They were simpler and had their own distinct appearance. Gaming as a whole has evolved dramatically in recent years. 2D platforms with significant computational power and cartridge capacity were introduced in the 1970s and 1980s.

Graphics improved in the 1990s, although they were still not as spectacular as they are now. When the internet became available for online gaming, some of the first vintage casino video games appeared.

Online gambling was still in its infancy, with most serious poker players competing for large sums of money and bandwidth to load the games. While the modern casino video games are fantastic, there are times when you simply want to play the classic games with their distinct pixelation.

For the gaming enthusiast out there, from Asia’s Happy Luke Thailand, to other platforms from around the world, here are some of the old-school casino games that you can still play today.


If you get the basics right, you’ll be on to a winner. Starburst is a fantastic illustration of this concept in action. This game is as retro as a one-armed bandit from a 1980s arcade, except instead of fruits, it uses diamonds. Regardless, it’s a constant on the list of the top free spins bonuses.


Over half a century ago, the iconic television game show initially aired. The slot game was first released in the 1990s by IGT, and it has been a fan favorite among gamers for more than two decades. While the original version is still popular, there are now over 200 variations, including Triple Strike and Secret Spins. When it comes to IGT, they know when they’ve landed on something great!


Megabucks is the mother of all progressive jackpot games and another IGT classic. Although it is not as complex as Mega Moolah, it has generated more millionaires than any slot machine. People continue to visit it 16 years after it initially debuted online.


With its retro aesthetic and iconic Americana soundtrack, this school c games takes you to another era. It’s been a fixture of land-based casinos and arcades for well over a decade.

It’s also becoming a familiar sight online. Because of its basic gameplay and low volatility, it’s an excellent choice for beginners and casual gamers.


Prior to the internet, the most frequent place to play slots was at a local bar or tavern, especially in the UK, Australia, and the United States. Reel King brings back memories of fruit machines, which were all the rage back then. The jackpot is worth 500 times your bet, which is more than any prize you might win at your local casino!


Rich Wilde, the brave adventurer, is what Mario is to platform games in terms of online slots. He first appeared in Book of the Dead more than a decade ago, and despite several modifications and spin-offs since then, the original game is still only second in popularity to Starburst. For purists, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience. Because the game’s volatility is rather high, you’ll have to be patient in order to reap the rewards.