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Official Pepsi Facebook Page Teases Pepsiman, Fans Asking for Switch Port & Remake/Remaster

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Pepsiman is one of the most beloved games of many players for its simple, challenging and intensely fun action. This is why it is not surprising that many fans lost their minds when Pepsi made a publication in which it seems to flirt with the idea of ​​this character’s return to the world of video games.

On its official Facebook account, Pepsi published a promotional image that shows us a couple of soda cans, as well as a little snack and a DualShock 4. The interesting thing about the post is that a box of a game appears under the control for PlayStation 4 whose cover shows us that it is a new Pepsiman.

This post began to go viral on a lot of social networks, as several fans believe that with it Pepsi is hinting that Pepsiman will return with a Remaster or Remake. There are even those who are already asking for the game to arrive on platforms like Nintendo Switch to be able to play it anywhere.

You can check the image below:

Pepsiman Tease

Now, is it possible that this publication is insinuating the return of PepsiMan to the world of video games? While we cannot rule it out completely, the reality is that we doubt it a lot. What we believe is that it is simply a cunning viral marketing campaign that is being very effective, so much so that here we are talking about it. However, we would love to make a mistake and for Pepsiman to return, even if it was a simple relaunch in digital stores.

In case you don’t know, Pepsiman is a game developed and distributed by KID, a Japanese company that declared bankruptcy in 2006. In it you take control of Pepsiman, the mascot of the refreshing company, with the mission of collecting lots of Pepsi boxes while dodging obstacles with runner mechanics. Interestingly, it is a game that never left Japan; However, it became a success in other parts of America thanks to the gray market and piracy.

And what about you, do you think that one day we will see the return of Pepsiman? Tell us in the comments below.