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Odell Beckham Jr of Cleveland Browns Out From NFL Due to Injured ACL

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Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr had an ACL injury on Sunday. He will not be able to play this season of NFL 2020 anymore.

Josina Anderson, a journalist from NFL, said that Odell Beckham Jr himself said to her about his ACL injury. He said that he would be playing the rest of the session now. The damage took place during the 2nd offensive match of Cleveland Browns against Cincinnati Bengals.

Odell Beckham Jr faces significant injury

Odell got a pass from Baker Mayfield. The pass was a miss and got intercepted. The wide receiver Beckham Jr made efforts to tackle the opposition’s ball carrier. Unfortunately, he had a collision with his team player. That crash injured his ACL.

The ACL injury of Odell is a terrible set back for Cleveland. He scored 3 TDs with 23 catches within 319 yards.

The Cleveland Browns scored 5-2 but now have lost their most prospective wide receiver. The chances of being the contenders are now at risk for the Browns.

Odell played with injury earlier, but this time the ACL is severe

Beckham Jr is such a high-spirited player that in 2019 even having a groin injury, he played every 16 matches. He had the surgery in the offseason so that his team does not get affected.

Odell is going to need surgery to recover from the ACL injury. This type of injury needs at least 6 to 9 months of rest for recovery.

Jarvis Landry extends his support, saying that he knows his hard Odell works and how devastating the wide receiver must be feeling. He wished him all the love and quick recovery.

Beckham probably had the last game with Cleveland Browns

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the injury may have also ended the star wide receiver’s career in Cleveland.

Ian Rapport from the NFL said that Odell could be playing for a different team after his recovery. Odell didn’t have a good bond with Baker Mayfield as well. Thus, there’s a high probability that Cleveland will trade their wide receiver in the next offseason.