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Oculus Boss: “I Would Love to Make A Trade With Sony” for Exclusives

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It is not a secret to anyone that virtual reality, from a commercial perspective, has not been an overwhelming success, due to the commitment of the companies that considered these devices like the new great product of electronic entertainment. Despite this, it seems that a beta that can be exploited and PlayStation has been the one that has done the best, generating amazement and even interest from a company of the caliber of Oculus.

An article by Kotaku revealed information about a talk that happened in the framework of E3 2019 between Stephen Totilo, journalist of the site, and Jason Rubin, head of Oculus and co-founder of Naughty Dog. One of the topics that was discussed in the conversation was the difficulties faced by Oculus VR devices to break through the market, especially since, even with the passage of time, they are still an expensive product, which represents a limitation for the massive success that the companies that bet on this technology, look for.

Rubin was questioned about the number of virtual reality games that have not come out on Oculus devices and the advantage that Sony has in the sector with PlayStation VR and, in that sense, the manager recognized that there is interest in doing something with the Japanese company, especially regarding the possibility of bringing Oculus titles to PSVR: “We’ve thought about it, I would love to make a trade with Sony. You know they have great stuff that they funded, and we have great stuff we’ve funded.”

Since we talked about PlayStation VR, we remind you that a few days ago a new patent registered by Sony was updated related to what could be a new model of the device, which would have new technology for graphics display and improvements for the player experience.

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