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Obsidian comments on the news of SEGA and reviving old IP: Alpha Protocol 2 incoming?

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Alpha Protocol could be one of the IPs rescued by SEGA. This has been suggested by the official Twitter account of Obsidian, with a mysterious tweet where it has mentioned the confirmation of SEGA.

Today we reported you that SEGA is planning to create new games and to revive the old IP. The news was also commented by Obsidian, developer who together with the Japanese publisher that has completed the first chapter of Alpha Protocol: the question now remains that could there be a sequel in the works?

As you can read in the tweet that we have reported at the bottom of the news, Obsidian Entertainment has commented on the news of SEGA and the old IP to revive, asking fans what we can expect from this move.

Considering that the two companies have been working on the first chapter of Alpha Protocol, it is legitimate to ask if there is an intention to make a sequel to the original spy-RPG of Alpha Protocol. Or maybe SEGA and Obsidian want to work together to create a new IP?

To find out more, we will just wait for more further details. What do you expect? Do you think there could be Alpha Protocol 2 in the works? Let us know in the comments below.