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Obduction, the spiritual successor to Myst, gets first Teaser Trailer

The spiritual successor to Myst, Obduction, comes in June on PC and Mac. This can be seen in a new trailer below.

Cyan Worlds is the studio that released the famous first person adventure series Myst, Riven and Uru, first with a legendary status in the history of gaming phenomenon. The first title Myst broke all the records, being sold 6 million copies, an incredible number for the year 1993.

With the diminishing interest of gamers to the genre since 2005, the studio has just released mobile ports of titles that made it famous. In 2013, using the Kickstarter campaign, Cyan Worlds was able to raise $1.3 million for Obduction, the spiritual successor to Myst series.

In Obduction, at the beginning of the game you’re kidnapped and dropped on a mysterious alien planet, exhibiting here and there traits of the real world. Your task is to find a way back home.

Obduction had a successful Kickstarter campaign behind it, enough to meet the additional purpose of virtual reality support: the game is to be played with the Oculus Rift.

Today, the production company introduced the first in-game trailer for Obduction, which will be released for PC in June. The official page of Obduction can be found at this address, and at GOG you can find all Cyan games catalog.

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