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Nvidia Titan V Graphics Card Available Now At $3000


The graphics processing industry on PC moves forward with great strides and for all the enthusiasts of the PC Master Race, there is latest news as Nvidia presented its most powerful new graphics card: Titan V.

Recently, during the Neural Information Processing Systems Conference, held at Long Beach, California, Nvidia revealed to the world its new Titan V card, which is presented as the piece of GPU hardware with the most advanced architecture.

According to the company, Titan V was created to push the limits of graphics quality and take performance to a new level. To give us an idea of the power of Titan V, Nvidia says that it is capable of achieving a performance of 110 teraflops thanks to its technology that puts into action 21 billion transistors.

Check the following technical specifications of Nvidia Titan V graphics card below:

Graphics processing clusters: 6
Multiprocessors of transmission: 80
CUDA Cores: 5120
Texture units: 320
Base clock frequency: 1200 MHz
Boost clock frequency: 1455 MHz
Memory clock: 850 MHz
Cache size L2: 4608K
Total video memory: 12 GB HBM2
Memory interface: 3072-bit

The Nvidia Titan V graphics card is already on sale and those who wish to acquire it will have to pay $3,000 USD. It is necessary to take into account that its creation goes hand in hand with artificial intelligence development strategies, however, its offer is open to all public.

What do you think about the new and powerful graphics card of Nvidia?